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As e-commerce grows, automation and artificial intelligence help companies keep pace

Recent months, and the last holiday season, in particular, brought an e-commerce boom like no other. As the pandemic accelerated trends already in motion, online shopping and deliveries exploded and possibilities surrounding automation and artificial intelligence zoomed to the forefront. Now as businesses consider the changing landscape, the use of automation and AI are weaving more tightly into the practices of many operations.

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Why automation is no longer a choice, it's a necessity

Artug Acar, director of product management at RightHand Robotics, says that the stressors that the pandemic has placed on the global supply chain only underscored the benefits of reducing — or even removing — human workers from logistics facilities.

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Modern Materials Handling Robotics Finds Its Place In Fulfillment

Robotics has gained rapid traction in the last few years of economic growth and low unemployment, as companies began implementing as a means of increasing productivity and coping with the labor crunch. Now the Covid-19 disruption has changed the unemployment picture, but vendors still see a pressing need for innovation.

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Material Handling Product News Readers' Choice Awards Products of the Year

Material Handling Product News is proud to announce the winners of our fifth-annual Readers’ Choice Products of the Year award. This award honors the achievements of companies for advances in materials handling systems and equipment within manufacturing, distribution centers and warehouses.

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CRN The 20 Coolest Tech Startups of 2020

From AI security and Kubernetes to storage and edge networking, here are 20 of the hottest technology startups in 2020.

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How Piece-Picking Robots are Transforming the Warehouse

In this conversation with SupplyChainBrain Editor-in-Chief Bob Bowman, Vince Martinelli, head of product and marketing with RightHand Robotics, reviews the current and future state of robots in the warehouse.

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Supply Professional Creating the Warehouse of the Future

Perhaps the most significant by-product of the e-commerce revolution is that customers now expect that they can have exactly what they want, when they want it, and at the right price. This puts enormous pressure on supply chains.

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