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Automation. It sounds like the way to go, but where do you begin the process of updating your distribution facilities and what do you ask? How do you gain buy-in within your organization? And what piece-picking solutions are best for your operation? Download our white papers to get answers to these questions and the knowledge you need to make it happen.

5 Key Factors to Consider to Successfully Deploy Robotic Piece-Picking

White Paper

Understanding the 3Rs of Robotic Piece-Picking

White Paper

Tech Briefs & Data Sheets

While it’s clear that automating with robotics provides significant advantages, it’s important for stakeholders to have a solid understanding of how these solutions provide a competitive edge over manual operations and what to look for when transforming a fulfillment center. From defining performance metrics such as throughput to product specifications and how a solution can seamlessly integrate into a warehouse, we have the answers in the form of tech briefs, product data sheets and more.

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RightPick 3 System Overview

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