If you're not yet excited about robotic piece-picking and how it can benefit your intralogistics operations, you should be. The rapid growth in your industry is being addressed with rapid innovation in automation technologies.

Yaskawa Motoman partners with top innovators in machine learning, vision and grasping technology to deliver flexible robotic solutions designed specifically for piece-picking applications.

If you're looking for a sustainable approach in this quickly-changing environment, here's a resource that can help you future-proof your investments.

RightHand Robotics' white paper "Understanding the 3Rs of Robotic Piece-Picking" discusses the key considerations of range, rate and reliability, why these metrics are important, and the benefits of robotic piece-picking solutions.

What you'll learn from the white paper

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Robotic piece-picking for the supply chain industry is still in an early stage, but many retailers and fulfillment centers are already testing and integrating this new technology into their warehouses in order to stay ahead of their competitors.


How do you decide which robotic piece-picking solution is best for you?


Download this white paper today to:

  • Learn about the 3Rs of robotic piece-picking - range, rate, and reliability - and why these metrics are important.

  • Learn about the benefits of integrated robotic piece-picking solutions and what elements need to be brought together (hint: it involves adaptive robotic hands, cameras, and intelligent software that provides coordination and learning).

  • Learn about where you can integrate robotic piece-picking solutions into your warehouse workflows (from goods-to-picker systems to sorters and more).